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© September 2, 2009
I've had this button for a couple of years, now.  I think I found it in the desk drawer when I started working for Dr. Shprintzen, back in October 1997.  It seemed I'd fallen, almost accidentally, into the perfect setup -- the perfect job for me and the perfect boss. I've written about him previously, so I won't rehash that now. But, I decided years ago that Bob would be the last supervisor I ever worked for. He raised the bar so high, and I really couldn't see myself working for another human being.

So,on Friday, August 28, 2009 -- I declared Kelvin's Independence Day; because despite how great Bob Shprintzen was to work for, I have a personal dream -- in The Alchemist he calls it a personal legend -- that outgrew the job. And as much as I loved helping the people that I connected with through Dr. Shprintzen, I have a greater purpose and can be of greater service pursuing my dream.

You remember, of course, that I set the intention in my 2009 goals list ( http://bit.ly/X1A4u , near the bottom) but certain things had to happen; and I'm happy to say that those things did happen sufficiently.

But, although the button says "I fired the boss," it's not strictly true. To be honest, it was a very tough decision, and a huge chunk of my heart remains with him and his VCFS practice.  I made many friends over the last 12 years, among both staff and patients. And I sincerely hope that part of my thanks and legacy to him allows me to help raise the funds he needs to keep that practice running, as he does a great work at the VCFS International Center for the 1-in-2000 children born yearly with that syndrome.

If you check the VCFS Center link, watch the video. If you watch long enough you'll even see my big head pop up in one of the scenes during a team consult.

"Thank you, Dr. Shprintzen" for giving me the admiration and providing the opportunities did over the past 12 years, for treating me like a member of your family, and for being wholly supportive in my decision to leave, even knowing it would cripple your program. "Thank you, world," for giving me the opportunity to be a bigger part of the grand plan. I won't let you down.
When I left work on Friday (for some reason I seemed to stay later that day than usual), Bob put his left hand on my shoulder, then took my right hand with his, and said, "Kelvin, now you just get to be my friend."  I have to say, that's not so hard to take (smile).
What's your dream ? You can do it. Write it down. Set the intention; move"confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life that you've imagined." (Thoreau)  If you haven't imagined it yet... start now.
Talk to you soon. Have an awesome day.
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