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© January 2, 2009

"The ball has dropped,
The spring has sprung,
The weasel popped,
and we've begun ! "

... 2009, that is.  Happy New Year  !

I hope this note finds you healthy and happy and feeling great after a tremendous 2008 and a great holiday season.  2008 was an incredible year for me -- a year of learning, and discovery and awakenings!  The list of things to be grateful for is as tall as I am !  ( 5' 6" is a pretty long list, right?)

  • I discovered new outlooks and uncovered hidden dreams
  • I discovered there are 8 billion flavors of tea (I'm hooked ) and I seem to be accumulating most of them in my kitchen.
  • I discovered new friends who have become significant players in my life, and I've been in touch with "long lost" friends
  • I threw THREE parties last year -- including my 55th birthday party -- plus a little get together for New Year's Eve.
  • I even took my heart out for a spin around the ole romance block last year, and kicked those tires for a while...

So, all in all, I finished up 2008, inspired, challenged and charged, and I'm looking forward to another incredible year on the planet... just like you, I'm sure.

2009 promises to be an exciting year all around.  Our country is caught up in an air of positive expectation.  It's great to see so many "looking forward" and expecting better days.  With the amount of positive energy being focused, I think it's virtually impossible to fail. "When you're focused on winning, there's no way to lose."  You'll hear more about that later in the year.

For now... I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for staying with me for another year.  I wanted to applaud your successes and accomplishments from 2008, wish you all the luck you're willing to work for in 2009, and all the happiness you can stand :-)

Next issue... 2009 goals!  You thought I forgot ?  I'll share my goals next issue, and hope you'll share yours.  Last year 15 readers shared their goals with me, and I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone did.  This year, I'm expecting 25 to 30, so get yours ready and don't let me down, okay?

I'm leaving you with a special gift today.  It's a speech by one of my all time favorite speakers, Dr. Charles Jarvis.  Texas twang and all, he's
one of the funniest speakers I've ever heard!  He gave a keynote speech called, "Prescription for the Happy Life ."  He's getting on in years now and his foundation released the speech as a holiday gift and free download, and asked us to pass it on.  I've been laughing with Dr. Jarvis since 1980.  I hope you'll laugh with him a little, too. The speech is about an hour.  Here's the full link, if the one above doesn't work.  http://mcfarlandspeaks.podcastpeople.com/

That's it for now, but remember....

Have a tremendous day!
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