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© January 12, 2008
Hi, There!

I was zipping around the internet one day when I ran across this graphic!

... and that puppy just spoke to me.  I loved it and I ... well... I stole it.  I copied the graphic from the web and adopted it as my own, and I almost felt bad about it, until I did a web search for the phrase and lo and behold, it was a quote from Peter F. Drucker.  Well, I didn't feel bad any more, because THEY stole it too !

But the fact of the matter is... it is a fact !  If you want to be able to predict your future, then you have to create it for yourself. You need to exercise conscious and conscientious control over your life or you haven't a clue where you're going to end up.  And just GUESS what is the first step in creating your future is.  Yes!  GOALS !
I know... and I'm sorry.  I'm preaching to the choir, because YOU have been sitting there with your goals all written out and ready to email to me for WEEKS, since I first mentioned it in early December, right?  You've been patiently waiting for me to ask you for them at any second, poised at your computer waiting for the moment you could hit that send button and be the first to send them to me.  TOO LATE!  Sorry.  A couple of people didn't want to wait, so they sent them to me last week, and that was awesome.  But, you might still be the first to send them to me today, if you do it RIGHT NOW!  Go ahead; hit sent.  I'm standing by -- 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6.... (you can finish that, right?)

AWESOME !  Of course, I'm being a little silly here, because when I'm writing this I have no idea whether or not you wrote down your 5 (or more) top goals for 2008.  But I do know this:  if you did do this little exercise, you are AHEAD of 97% of the people in the world ! and welcome to the The 3% Advantage.

Now, if you didn't write them down yet, that's fine too.  You're still an awesome person (you have to be, because you're reading Ramblings), and you can choose to become a 3 Percenter at any time -- in a matter of seconds... if that's what you want to do.

But I would like to see your goals, if you're comfortable with that.  I'm not here to judge them; I'm here to offer you at least one person on the planet that you can tell your dreams to, share your goals with that won't stomp on them -- as long as your goals don't involve causing harm to yourself or another, I'm good with them.  You  choose -- I'm a great cheer leader.

But assuming you wrote them, now what do you do with them?  How do you accomplish them?  You accomplish them the same way you eat an elephant -- one bite at a time, and if they're really big goals perhaps we'll need to break them down into smaller bite-sized pieces so we can digest them.  But, even before we do that,  there's something very important you need to make sure of, because just writing down your goals isn't necessarily enough.  It's the first step, but the other necessary step is to make sure you know why you want that goal.

The best example I can think of is money. A LOT of people want money... a lot of money, so they say.  But really, it's not the money that they want.  In marketing it is widely held that when person walks into a hardware store and asks to buy a drill... he or she does NOT really want a drill.  What they really want... is a hole!  The drill is just the tool they need to make the hole.  Most people who say they want a lot of money, don't really want the money.  They actually want the things that money can get them or do for them.  So when you look at your goals, also determine WHY you want that particular goal and what it's going to do for you. and once you figure that out... you're well on your way to being able to materialize it.

So what do you think?  Are you a 3 percenter ?  Did you write down your goals?  Are you going to trust them to me?  There is an important reason why you should, but we can discuss that later, or you can just read about it here.

Well, I promised that I would share my top goals with you, and I'm here to keep my word.  My problem -- if you want to consider this a problem -- is that I have MANY more than 5 goals for this year, and I've already accomplished a few.  I'm pretty sure you don't want the whole list, so here are a few of my biggies:

        1.  Get down to 180 pounds (from 195)
         There are personal appearance AND health reasons associated with this goal
        2. Pay off all non-mortgage debt in my life by October 24, 2008 (my 55th birthday)
        3.  Write a book (I have two in the works)
        4.  Increase Ramblings subscribers to 1000 (a continued goal... not there yet, so it remains)
        5.  Renovate the dining room and front foyer of my house (starting in a couple of days).
        6.  Have a party
(this is a bigger goal than you might suppose but is planned to happen on February 16th.)
        7.  Develop two additional streams of income outside my photography business.
        8.  Position myself so that I can retire from my day job on December 31, 2008
(see #s 2 and 7)
             Note: The importance of this goal is not necessarily actually retiring, but being positioned such  that I can exercise the choice, at that time.
`        9.  Help one other person accomplish a major goal of their own.
        10. Make good on a promise I made to a dear friend a couple of years ago
(SG - you know who you are)

So, those are the biggies for me, and as I live and breathe it is my intention to accomplish the entire list this year.

So there you go!  This is a fairly long issue, but it's an important issue. And there's more to this goal stuff, but I need to leave you something to read next time.  I've asked you -- or given you the option -- to share your goals with me, and I just shared mine with nearly 200 people, if everyone reads them.  Am I nervous ?  HA !  Is a pig pork ?  But just remember this:


... and the first step in creating it, is to set your goals.

Let's do something great in 2008...
So we're sittin' fine, in 2009.

Have an awesome day. See you next time.
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