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© January 1, 2008
Greetings !
I hope that you had an outstanding holiday season, and that the New Year is starting off great for you.  Life in Kelvin's world is quite grand, and I offer you my best wishes and hopes for an incredible 2008! 

I had planned to write a different message to start off 2008, but a visit with friends earlier this evening changed my mind.  In a quiet little gathering as we sat around their kitchen table, my friend Jill looked up at me and asked, "So, Kelvin, what are you most happy and grateful for in 2007?"  That surprised me, but after a brief pause, I recited a number of things I was happy and grateful about for 2007, then for the next 30 minutes or so we (me, she, her husband and their son) sat around the kitchen table, sipping on a glass of wine, nibbling on cheese and popcorn, and shared with each other the things of 2007 that we were most happy and grateful for.

So, in that spirit,
before you do a single other thing in this new year, I very much encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect back over 2007, and figure out the things that you are most happy and grateful for.  Something that happened, or maybe even something that didn't happen, someone you met, or got reacquainted with, a gift you received, a friend regained, a smile you put on someone's face who very much needed it, a life you saved -- literally or figuratively -- or maybe for someone who saved yours.

Consider all the things or reasons that you could possibly be happy and grateful for from 2007, then start 2008 with that attitude of gratitude allowing the new year to build on the successes and joys of the past year, and truly start off 2008 with a little joy in your heart... and a positive expectancy for something great.  Then, while in that positive expectancy... write out the 5 goals you want most to accomplish in 2008, and prepare to send them to me... because I *will* be asking... shortly.
That's it!  Take care for now.
Have an AWESOME day, and prepare to "expect something great, in 2008."
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