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© December 10, 2007

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Here we are at the end of 2007.  Yes, I know we still have a couple of holiday parties left and everyone is waiting for the big guy in the red suit to make his appearance in so many chimneys so we can start the real countdown to 2008, but...for all intents and purposes, this game is over -- 4th quarter, last down... we're outta here.

First things first!  THANK YOU for subscribing to Ramblings !  I am honored that you find value in my words, and even recommend them to others.  Our subscribers continue to grow and many of you have been very generous with your feedback -- and that's separate thank you.  As goals go, however, I'm a far cry short of the 1000 subscribers I'm shooting for, but I'm confident that 2008 will take us there.

I always go into a little introspective period at the end of the year.  I look back to see what I've done all year and determine if I am better off for having lived that year, and perhaps just as important, if anyone else is better off because I lived that year.  And in both cases, this year, I'm pleased to be able to say yes.

But, what about you ?  Was 2007 good for you?  Did you win ? are you winning?  Did you get where you wanted to go, accomplish what you wanted to accomplish?  Did you get close?  Are you still in the game or did you give up?  Did you help anyone else accomplish something that was important to them?

Whatever the answers to those questions, it's okay. If you won every battle you engaged in 2007, then good for you !  If you didn't win every battle but you're still in it, then good for you! because the only time you truly lose, is when you quit.

But now that we're coming up on a new year, it's time to shift focus a little to how 2008 will be different than 2007, unless 2007 was perfect for you, in which case I'm sure you'll settle for a replay. But if you're like most of us, not everything was perfect, so we can spend some time looking over what happened and how to make it better this time around, and set some goals.  OH yes!  The old GOALS trick !

I gave you a break last year; I didn't ask ... we breezed right by it!  But I can't let it slip this year, so start thinking about what you want to accomplished in 2008, because I'm going to be asking soon.  The human mind is a goal seeking entity and without goals it will make stuff up as you go along and you have NO idea where you'll end up.  So...   WRITE DOWN at least 5 things (preferably ten) that you want to accomplish in 2008, whether it's personal, job related, family related, weight related...whatever it is... write it down.  And when I ask you for them in a couple of weeks... be prepared to email them to me. 

 And no, I'm not one of *those* people who is "above" the exercise.  I am going to publish mine for you to see, also.  So, if you're thinking about being shy, consider that YOUR goals will come only to me.  MINE will go to everyone on my subscriber list.  TALK ABOUT PRESSURE?  WOW!

So, will you do that ? And we'll have some fun with them.  Don't send them to me before I ask for them, but have them ready when I do.  Deal?

That's all for now.  Again, it's been a great year for me, but 2008 will be even better (and busier), and if you've been with me for a while you know that I'm interested in no less for you.  Thank you again for sticking with me, and I hope to bring you even more fun and excitement in 2008.

Have an AWESOME day. 
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