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© September 3, 2007
Hello! and Happy Labor Day !
I hope you had a fantastic weekend and you're ready to finish out 2007 with a bang!  Personally, I've had a great year, but that's a topic for another day and I'll make it optional so you don't have to suffer through it if you're not interested (smile).
I was just sitting here, thinking about how different people look at life, and how things -- especially moods -- can change in an instant.  For instance, I was riding up in an elevator the other day, and said to my fellow traveler, "This is some great weather we're having, isn't it?"  And he said, "Yeah... but... don't get used to it.  The weather changes "just like that" around here, and you could be freezing in the morning."  Alrighty, then.  Or, have you ever gone shopping and found a great deal and call your best bud to tell them about it and get, "yeah, but... you probably could've gotten it cheaper at TargMarts even without a sale..." 

We all do it, and most of the time we don't even realize we might be raining on someone's parade, because most of the time when someone says "yeah but"  it's gonna be negative.  "Yeah things are okay now but they won't be for much longer, so just get ready for it."  And sometimes... we even do it to ourselves, i.e.;  "Hey, I'm doing really great on my diet this week; yeah but...I'm probably going to eat  something I shouldn't tomorrow and screw it all up."

I call that our "yeah but" quotient, and I think it's a great indicator of  how positive or negative we are.  The more "yeah but"s we say (or think) the more negative (or some call it realistic) we are. I am reminded of a story; you've probably heard it before, so forgive me for taking a little poetic license. 

A young dad had two sons, one generally very happy and one generally a bit grumpy and disgruntled, and dad couldn't quite figure them out, so he had them tested by a local psychologist.

The psychologist took the first son to a room filled with all kinds of toys -- everything you imagine -- and told him to go for it!  He could play with anything he wanted, as long as he wanted, and could even take some stuff home, if  he wanted to.  The boy  looked around the room, shrugged his shoulders and asked, "what do you want me to do with this stuff?  I don't see anything I like and if I did it would probably break when I started playing with it.  This stuff is junk; I don't want to play with any of it."  The doc reported the bad news to dad, "Sir, your son is a pessimist; he only sees the negative things in life." 

Dad was a little saddened, but he'd deal with that later. First, he wanted his other son tested.  So the psychologist took the second son down a different hallway, long, kinda dark.  As they walked down the hall, the kid was skipping and whistling and being cheery, and when they finally got to the room, the doctor flung open the door and stood back, and it was filled with horse manure!  The boy looked up at the doc, started yelling for joy, jumped into the room without hesitation and started  playing.  He was slinging "stuff" around and laughing and giggling and jumping around, having a great time!  The psychologist was amazed, and stopped the boy for a minute and asked, "son, what in the world are you so happy about?"  The boy looked back at the doctor and said, "Are you kidding ?  With all this horse manure, there's GOTTA be a pony around here someplace!"

And there ya have it!  Some people (yeah buts), for whatever set of reasons or circumstances, are accustomed to looking for the manure -- it might not be here now, but it'll surely show up soon. Not necessarily our fault; sometimes like seems to train us to look solely for the pot holes. Then there's the people who are focused on finding the pony.  FOCUS POCUS!  We tend to find what we concentrate on the most.  Which are you? 

Check it out!  The next time you're in a conversation and someone says "Yeah, but...", see if they say something negative.  More importantly, when someone else is talking and you start to say "yeah, but..." see if what you're about to say is going to be negative, and if it is... think about whether it really needs to be said. Are you about to rain on their parade? or are you going to say something that's going to help and uplift?

We've got a few months left in 2007.  I hope there's plenty of ponies left in your year, and that you don't have to dig through too much "stuff" to get to them.  Let me know if you've found any lately.  Maybe we'll give some other folks hope.
Have an AWESOME day. 
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