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© August 3, 2007
Hi, friend; I thought of you today!
You know, I get that a lot!

I'll drop into someone's office I haven't seen in a while;  shoot someone an email or just pick up the phone and call them, and I often get, "Hey... I thought of you today," and I say --usually -- "oh thank  you; I like being thought of."  But every once in a while when I hear it, I think... "well it's a good thing I dropped in !"

A few years ago I had a friend named Ned.  Ned was one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.  He had a heart the size of Texas, a warm, loving and supportive family, and nearly a perfect lifestyle it seemed, from where I sat.  The one heavy duty downer was that Ned had a degenerative lung disease, and he was on a waiting list for a lung transplant.  Yet and still, nothing slowed him down for the longest time, and back when I first met him you couldn't "tell" he had any kind of serious ailment, so we'd meet and chat and talk and eat and have a good time.

That was in California.  Later, I moved away and he moved away -- I forget which happened first -- and we kept in touch.  We'd give a call every now and then, and we constantly shot positive content emails back and forth, and he'd occasionally give me updates on his condition... which was getting worse, as degenerative diseases do.  Then we started not keeping touch as often; he had some hospital bouts, was now carrying an oxygen tank, but Ned was still being Ned, as unstoppable as he could be, under the circumstances, at least so far as I could determine.  Often I'd go through my computer and see Ned's name and say, "heh, I should call him..." and by and by my phone would ring and it would be Ned.  "Hey, Ned... I was thinkin' about you today" and we'd chat and laugh -- not too much, now, because it was harder  for him to breathe sometimes, but we'd have loud smiles !

Then one day I got an email from Ned and he talked about feeling weak and a little tired.  Mind you, during all this, Ned never complained about his condition.  He was always positive, and forward-looking, and  never a harsh word for anyone, at least as far as I could tell.  But he was tired and there was no progress moving up the transplant list, but he was hopeful; expecting somethng any day.  And I said to myself, "he sounds tired, I should call him and say hello" but I didn't right then... and a day or so later I got another  email from Ned... except, it wasn't from Ned.  His daughter was emailing from his account to say that Ned had passed away, quietly in his sleep... his lungs just gave out, and I said, "Dang it... I meant to call him."

So since that day, whenever I get an URGE to call someone... I pretty much "do it" -- or email them just to say, "Hey, I thought about you today."  Sometimes it takes a whole 5 minutes, other times it might take a little longer...  Every once in a while I get a nagging urge to call or contact someone and for those times, I usually drop what I'm doing and find a way to get to them. "Hey, bud... you crossed my mind today.  How you doing?"  Sometimes I'm the "just in the knick of time" guy -- because they'll be agonizing over one thing or another and my call helps to lift their spirits.  "Kelvin, it's amazing how you seem to know when I need to talk to someone."  I get that a lot, too.  Other times they're not agonizing, but they appreciate the call or the email none the less:  "I'm glad you thought about me; thank you..."

So, hey... I was thinking of you today! and just wanted to say "Hi... how ya doing?"  I know... you  figure this was a group email, but... it's not MY fault if I think of a lot of people at once!  Maybe all of you were thinking of me at once and the urge was too strong to ignore... Go figure!

If you've thought about someone lately... maybe even today ...  let them know.  Been having a nagging urge to say hi?  Don't ignore it; find a way to get to them and say hello; it might do you both a world of good. Heck, you might be the smile they've been waiting for... for weeks.  Don't just think about them... let them know; because if you don't contact them, they won't know, will they?

Have an AWESOME day.

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