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April 16, 2007

Happy SPRING! 
I wrote a little blog on MySpace a few weeks back, that went through all these literary gyrations and ended up quite uniquely celebrating spring, and the birds singing outside my window, and gently waking me in the morning and... What the heck happened to THAT!?  Let me just share with you the attached photo off my back deck this past Monday morning, which explains visually... WHY the birds stopped singing outside my window.  Well... happy spring anyway!  Yee hah!
I visited a friend's blog on MySpace tonight and one of their friends had this tagline:" HOW YOU FEEL?  I FEEL GOOD - AND I'D KISS MY DAMN SELF IF I COULD".  That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling these days!  Life is good, everything going well, good things are happening.  Only one thing sums it up better.  About two weeks ago I got a joke that had about 20 photos of "tee shirt" sayings.  Some of them were great, like, "Mess with me, and you mess with the whole trailer park."  I loved it -- chuckled for 10 minutes.  But my absolute FAVORITE was this one: "Here I am!  What's your OTHER two wishes." And that's the way I've been feeling.
This is a newsletter about ... feeling good!  It's about spring springing and life living, and about moving around on your own power, overcoming, and just feeling good about being alive.  And yes, I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge the very sad tragedy at Virginia Tech this week -- and the other similar tragedies this year -- and recognize the senseless waste of human life and it's  affect on the friends and family of those victims, and on humanity as a whole.  But I also know that we cannot leave our focus there.  We must recognize that despite those tragedies, there is so  much more good in the world, and so much good in each of you who are reading this today; and that is what we need to focus on and take forward.  It is in times like these, that we value and appreciate them even more the close friends and family that we have.
And that, friends, is about all I have to say! Just a nice, sweet, succinct message.  Don't pass out, don't look for a catch...  Don't look for it to be a trend.
There's a lot of stuff happening! and next time I'll be happy to tell you about some of it.  I've had a sssssurge of energy! Self discipline even snuck into my house, and I've been accomplishing a LOT -- both personally and professionally.  As a matter of fact, I even wrote my friend Mitch and told him to dust off that old Millionaire Competition! but I gotta tell you, the first update he gave me on what was coming up for him? impressed even me a LOT!  Impressed... but not daunted.  So, onward we go.
What about you?  Have you accomplished anything GREAT in 2007?  Anything coming together that's making it heaven for you?  Wanna share?  Need a fan club?  Tell me what it is and we'll get you congratulations from around the world!
In the meantime... I'm going to bed.
Take care for now, my friends, and remember:
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't... you're right." (Henry Ford)

Have an AWESOME day.

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