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January 1, 2007
Happy New Year ! 
We made it!  Holding on for dear life, we hung in there as 2006 streaked to it's roaring end.  Uh... yours *did* roar, right?  Wasn't that the noise I heard... YOU celebrating your 2006 accomplishments and just itchin' to jump in to 2007? to go where no person has gone before !?  Here's a little poem:
We decked the halls
We trimmed our trees...
We chased them younguns on our knees
We ate, we drank, our songs we've sung...
And 0-0-6 has finally sprung!

We face the New Year bright-eyed, YES !
New journeys, trips and life conquests
No one can stop us under heaven...
Life *WILL* be grand in '0-0-7 !
My 2006 was GREAT! and I hope yours was as great as mine!  YES... I had some challenges, and a couple of couple of setbacks, but I had a lot of victories!  Some days it rained on my parade, but the sun always came back out.  I had a few tears, but I had a LOT of laughter, and I am hear to tell you to NEVER underestimate the power... of being able to wake up in the morning, move around on your own power and walk upright on the planet.  Because if we can do that,we still have the ability to take control and affect our lives, and make something happen!

Oh yeah!  Now, I know that not everyone had a smooth year, and to be honest, *I* didn't have a real smooth year either, but for some reason my mind is focused on the things that went right!  You may not have had everything go right, but if you train your focus on the things that did, you can march into 2007 with confidence, with your head up and a smile on your face.  Did you make a new friend?  did you get back an OLD friend?  Did you find something you lost (maybe even "you mind"?! ) Did you win one battle? Did you help someone else win one of theirs?  If you did any of this... you won!... and you can still get up, move about on your own power, and walk upright on the planet.

I was having lunch with a very good friend last week (speaking of reconnecting with old friends), and we were talking about the things that life had heaped on us over the past year, and my friend said, "I've discovered the secret to dealing with life." 
Well, I'm all up for discovering another secret, because as "positive" as I think I am... some days I just know  I'm missing something, so I was all ears to hear what they had to say.  So I asked... "Really?  What is that?"  and my friend looked at me and said, " the secret is not to allow myself to REACT to life."  They said, "things happen all the time, but if you don't let yourself react to it... it won't control you."

I had to think about that for a while, and then was amazed, because it made so much sense!  A lot of times, we abruptly react to a situation and make it worse, by feeding the negative energy, like stoking a fire in the fireplace.  Many times, if we remain calm, allow ourselves to think it through... no sudden reactions, we end up handling it differently.  Many times when someone upsets us and we respond from a gut reaction, we end up actually feeding more negative energy into the situation and it spirals out of control -- sometimes silly stuff that we end up laughing about later.  But when the "situations" of life seem to be assaulting us... if we can stand fast & don't react (which can also be synonymous with overreact) the situation will often calm, or defuse or pass with little or no harmful effect.  I'm sure you can think of cases in your own life where things would have had a different o

So there is a perfect thought to carry into 2007!  Make it a goal -- a mantra -- not to let life make you REACT.  Take a breath, compose yourself; never let life "see you sweat" and sometimes life with just back off, and you can go on and enjoy the rest of your day... or week.  Eh?  I'm sure you'll find a way to apply! and make life grand!

Well, I checked my list of goals from earlier in the year.  I won some! and some I'm still in the game on (notice I didn't say I lost some... Perspective:  Use it or lose it.).  Yes... STILL IN THE GAME on some, and I bet you are too.  But you  know what?  If you're moving around on your own power and walking upright on the planet, 2007 can definitely be your year... and I'll be doing all I can to help share with you the insights that work! 

And don't be shy!  If you know a secret... SHARE It!  I promise to give you credit for it -- honest!

So with that, my friend, thank you!  Thank you for having faith in my writing and my thoughts, thank you for continuing to e-listen to me and, if you're new, thank you for giving RAMBLINGS a chance.  I have some GREAT stuff planned for this new year.  Glad you'll be CONNECTED and be a part of it.

Have an AWESOME, SPECTACULAR New Year's celebration, and I look forward to hearing about your successes in this new year.

LIFE WILL BE HEAVEN!!!!!!  in 2007 ! Let's make it work, y'all.


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