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December 20, 2006

It's December 20th already and, as usual, I am swamped with things that absolutely must be done. 
I've just delivered products to two photography clients who have been patiently waiting for *too* long.  I had two more products to deliver before leaving town on Friday -- talk about under the wire.  Then yesterday I got a call from a client asking..."Kelvin did you to remember to order that 8x10 for...." .  Arrrrrrrrgh.  I cannot repeat in polite company the endearing terms I whispered to myself over having forgotten to order that print! and my response to them was, "No, I don't have it, but... I will."  Needless to say, my 2006 goals to get organized and eliminate procrastination... have not quite been realized as I'd envisioned them, BUT... I continue to work on it daily... and it will happen.:-)

In the midst of all that, I also realized that I hadn't written my Christmas Ramblings! and that is certainly a priority, because it's been an unbelievably awesome year for me... and with just 5 days left until Christmas (and, no.. I haven't done my shopping) I wanted to say hello and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, regardless of what and how you celebrate.  In addition to that I just wanted to deliver another short message.

Aside from my personal ambitions and ventures I also have a full time job, and I've worked for this one gentleman since 1997.  It was a different experience from the start.  Beginning with the interview, this guy seemed very different from supervisors I'd encountered in the past.  He was soft spoken, and unpretentious... easy to talk with.  He said things like, "I want my staff to be happy here..." and , "we go a long way to avoid stress, here.." and some other things that impressed me, so I decided I wanted to work for him and -- luckily for me -- he decided he wanted me working for him... and we've been a team for the past 9 great years. 
One of the biggest reasons it's been so great, is because this man actually VALUES his employees, and he actually APPRECIATES his employees, and he really does go a long way to help ensure that his staff is happy and feels important in their roles, and he's better at it than anyone I've ever met -- before or since.  And among the many things that make him exceptional, is that when I do a job well, he actually says, "Kelvin.... thank you.  I appreciate it."  Not only that, but he tells other people about his staff members... and how he values them and appreciates them, and what a great job they do... and how his staff makes his job so easy...  and he's been consistent with that for the 9 years that I've worked with him. 

And not only that... when he needs something accomplished, he says things like "could you please..." or "I would appreciate it if..." or "it is very important that we make this happen..." and then when you accomplish it, he always says, "Thank you... I really appreciate it" and you can tell that he genuinely  appreciates your efforts, even when it's "your job"When you feel valued you like that, and you feel that you are really appreciated, that feeling is worth more than the money.  Feeling valued and appreciated by your friends, family, co-workers and superiors... makes you want to do more, and makes you want to do better !  Doesn't it?

So here's what I'm thinking!  It's Christmas! and once you get past all the commercial hype, we're supposed to be focused on giving, and love and Peace on EARTH and good will towards all men...  Well, instead of spreading that good will across the globe, how about we reel it back a bit, and make sure we've got good will towards our next door neighbor! or the guy two cubicles down that we got annoyed with last week (or last summer).  How about we find a friend or neighbor or just someone who's done something good for us -- even if it was their job -- and just say, "Hi, Joe or Hi Betty (you pick the name)... thank you for doing that for me.  I appreciate it.
Now, you NEED TO BE CAREFUL!  and before you do this, it might be a good idea to make sure your CPR training is up-to-date, in case they pass out from the shock of it all, and you need to resuscitate them.  But otherwise, give it a whirl !

When is the last time you told your spouse or other family member (teenagers included), "Hey, thank you... I really appreciate what you did; it meant a lot to me."  Pick a title: wife, husband, friend, child, trash guy, minister, lawn care person, co-worker, next door neighbor, across the street neighbor, clerk at the grocery store, teller at the bank, maintenance man or woman at your place of work....   "Hi... thank you for what you did this year; I / we really appreciate it."  How about we build a little good will next door, and then we can worry about spreading good will around the rest of the globe. 
Whadya think?

Well that's my thought for now, friend.  I hope you have a very, very merry Christmas or holiday season, if you don't celebrate Christmas! and we'll see you in the new year !  And for all my friends who have continued to read my Ramblings -- and particularly those of you who send me comments -- Thank you! I really do appreciate you !

Have an awesome, awesome day.

Yours in Peace...
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