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November 29, 2006

Greetings, Friends...

You know, I have only a few passions in my life -- PASSION! the kind of thing that makes you stay up late at night, forget to go to sleep, you get so involved and engrossed that you forget to eat, you get so excited about that you just have to tell somebody about it !  PASSIONS!  The stuff that life is made of.

One such passion is my Ramblings newsletter, and when it's time to write a new issue, I've been known not to go to bed (it's just past midnight as I write this) in order to finish it.  Sometimes, I'll sit and the words will come  rushing at me faster than I can get them written and I'll get to the very end and say... "nah... it's not quite ready; there's something missing." and I won't send it, because if it doesn't inspire ME, I have small hope of it inspiring you.  But today, the "other part" of an inspiration hit me and here I am, and it's time to get this issue out.

It's Thanksgiving !  I'm driving to mom's and we're gonna sit and talk and eat and enjoy the family.  Thanksgiving USED to be just a good food holiday for me.  And aside from the religious goings on -- my father was a methodist minister, so we never missed the religious goings on -- Thanksgiving remains a time for families to get together, to reflect back over the year and see just what we've got to be thankful for, because there are very FEW of us receiving this email whose past year couldn't have been a WHOLE lot worse than it was; and I am aware that a few readers who  had a pretty tough year!. but for everyone I know about reading this, we can take a look around the world, and get a grip on the list of things that did NOT happen for us, and has happened to other people...and still be thankful.

And because of that perspective, I live in a fairly constant state of appreciation -- my own little Attitude of Gratitude -- and once I watched the movie The Secret, my attitude of gratitude grew even greater!  So today, I kind of have a little gift for you.  For the most part it's a gift of perspective, and a "tool" to help you have better days.

A few weeks ago I was walking home from work after a particularly good day.  I'm still not sure what was so particularly good about, it.  Maybe because that huge crane towering a few hundred feet over the building I work in didn't collapse and crush our office; Or maybe while walking through a complex of THREE hospitals in a two block area, I was noticing that no one I knew was in one of them.  Or maybe I was just happy because I was gainfully employed, or because the sun was shining and I was healthy and walking on my own power or something, I don't know... but this SONG was stuck in my head. The song was KICKIN' and the words jumped into my mind -- but of course, not all of them -- but I didn't know who the band was.  So, I called my friend Mitchell, who is almost always sitting at his computer, and told him the words to the song that I could remember, and... he hunted it down for me!  So I went home,

When I start my car in the morning it's on; I listen to it several times during the day, I MEMORIZED the words and sing along with it, and there's no way you can sing this song and not end up happy, so... since copyright law will not allow me to send it to you via email (I like you but jail bothers me) I've done the next best thing.

        RARE EARTH!  Vintage 2001;  "I Just Want to Celebrate, Another Day of Living!"  
        Only 88 cents at Walmart Downloads -- WHO KNEW !!???

        ( $4.99 for the whole Millenium album at Amazon. )

For only 88 cents! you can download the MP3 from Walmart's Downloads -- It's the cheapest place I could find it, but you deserve this song. For 88 cents you can download it, write it to CD, play it in your car, put it on your IPOD or other MP3 player and every time you need a BOOST... PLAY IT!

If you don't know the song, click this link http://musicdownloads.walmart.com/catalog/servlet/AlbumServlet?id=37579 and you can EVEN listen to the sound clip before ordering.  Or if you've got Limewire of Kaaza or one of those peer to peer things, maybe you can get it there.  If you're a closet groupie you may already have it! and can play it right now, or rip it CD.  But... whatever you do... get it, play it, often, and really start to celebrate your life.... vigorously.

- I Just Want to Celebrate another day of living! 
- I Just Want to Celebrate, another day of LIFE!

That's my kind of song, y'all.  Thanksgiving?  Sounds like it to me. Give it shot, and when I get back from my mom's on Sunday, I want to hear you singing !

Have an awesome day, and an awesome Thanksgiving.

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