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September 16, 2006

Hi, folks!
What an AWESOME day!  You may not have heard from me in a while -- especially if you're a new  subscriber -- but as always... I hope it's worth the wait, and I'll continue to see your name on my subscriber list after this issue (smile).

As you may know, I recently changed my emailing service, and my readers had to re-verify their subscriptions to stay connected.  Of my 100+ readers, I am happy to say that 74 of you thought it was worth the two clicks it took to continue receiving Ramblings!  So this is an especially good issue for me, because I *know* I'm talking to all friends -- and it just doesn't get much better than that! 
Thank you!

You know, sometimes we get distracted and do silly things.  I was standing in my kitchen this morning, about to cook some scrambled eggs, when today's Ramblings topic popped into my head.  Generally when that happens, I get kind of excited because words start rushing into my head and if I don't get them down on paper or computer they soon rush OUT of my head.  But being in the middle of cooking, I couldn't leave.  So, the words are rushing in and I'm writing Ramblings in my head, all the while heating up the pan, putting in the butter... I pulled down a bowl to crack the eggs in, got the eggs from the fridge, brought the trash can close so I could discard the egg shells without dripping egg white all over my floor.
Writing Ramblings in my head, I cracked the first egg, poured it in the bowl, put the shell in the trash can; cracked the second egg, poured it in the bowl, put the shell in the trash can; cracked the 3rd egg, poured it in the trash can and dropped the shell in the bowl...  Wait!  I just put my egg in the trash can! and as I'm watching this perfectly good egg ooze all over whatever was already in there... I CRACKED UP! -- sometimes, you just HAVE to laugh at yourself -- because I was SO caught up in writing this month's selection -- running on auto-pilot for the egg detail -- that I wasn't really paying attention, and... messed up!  Thank goodness, that wasn't my last egg (whew!) 
I saw a great email last week that had a number of funny signs!  ONE sign in particular made my day.  Written in large print: "Caution: This Sign Has Sharp Edges.  Do Not Touch the Edges of This Sign", and in wee (okay... tiny) print at the bottom, it said: "Also, the bridge is out ahead."

How many times do we do that in everyday life!?  We mentally make the LITTLE things appear bigger than the important things! and get caught up in handling the little stuff and MISS the fact... that the bridge is out, or will be out, up ahead.  

This will happen,
{!custom_fix first_name}, if we don't keep a clear picture in mind, of where we're headed and why!  If we don't keep our focus on the desired end result... it is easy to get distracted and side tracked by the "little details" along the way.  According to Stephen Covey -- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -- it's Habit #2 is Begin with the End in Mind, and whether you're a student going for a degree program, or a photographer trying to better your business or improve your skills, or a carpenter trying to build a house, if you loose track of what the end result is supposed to be... dabbling in the details will potentially wipe you out.
So, what do you think?  Has this affected you lately?  Have you been dabbling in the details while you lost view of the big picture?  I HAVE! that's why I write these pieces. Everytime I have a revelation about me... YOU get good advice (smile).
If you find yourself in that predicament fairly often, maybe I (I mean "you") need to get clear again, on the end result you're after.  Check out the Ramblings on Goal Setting  (http://www.ringold.net/04_the_goals.html)  for a couple of suggestions (there's always room for review) and we'll have some other useful tips for you in the near future.

A couple of changes to announce....
Up to now, I've kept the blog -- On Ramblings -- as a sister to this e-newsletter, updating it when I wrote a new Ramblings, which means it didn't get updated very often.  It was intended to generate discussion on the Ramblings topics, but it really hasn't worked that way.  SO, starting now, the blog (aka Ramblings Lite) will take on a different life, and be used for more frequent, day to day type posts, which is what a blog is for.  So, you now have a choice to either receive the FULL (when I'm inspired) Ramblings, or check the blog at http://www.ringoldnet.blogspot.com/ (Ramblings Lite), which I expect to update at least weekly -- maybe more, with smaller and different things.  As a matter of act, if you like, there is also form on the blog, now, so you can subscribe to the daily posts and have those e-mailed to you when I make them.  Choices!  They do a body good.

That's all for now, my friend.  As usual, thank you for e-listening.  If you have comments, questions or ideas for Ramblings, please let me hear from you at ramblings@ringold.net.

Take care, and have an awesome day.