February 3, 2006

Good day!

What an awesome year it's been so far, eh ?! (say yes!)

We had a beautiful sunny day today in Syracuse. I hear that ground hog fella saw his shadow and went back in his hole. I'm not entirely certain what that means, but whatever it is.... it was NEWS! (then again, sometimes it doesn't take much to be news, does it?)

I have come to the conclusion that I live a charmed life. I mean... first, I keep getting up every morning and I'm still breathing! and moving on my own power. Then, I continue to go back and forth across the street (several streets, in fact) and I haven't been hit by a car, beat up, stabbed or mugged. I stand in parking lots and have not been hit by any meteorites, and best of all... I saved 15% on my car insurance with GEICO! Okay... so I was just kidding about GEICO.

BUT... just as fun, I got $477.00 round trip tickets from SYRACUSE to ROME, ITALY, so I can go visit my youngest son, who's stationed in Naples (that's at least as good as the GEICO deal, right?) I fly out on Monday and I'll be back on the 13th. But... I didn't want to wait that long to publish this month's Ramblings, so I'm sending this before I go.

It's been a good year, so far! If you've been to my web site lately (http://www.ringold.net) I tell a story on the home page about a book I'm reading: " Prioritize, Organize: The Art of Getting it Done," - - an awesome book I'm about half way through.

FUNNY thing is, I bought that book about 3 years ago at a seminar and.... LOST IT -- completely misplaced it -- and ran across it quite accidentally this past December. Even funnier is that about 5 days, ago I ran across (quite accidentally) another book called "Shortcuts to Creating & Maintaining Organized Files and Records," that I bought two years before I bought the "Prioritize " book. Now, you've heard me say before that I'm not the most organized person on the planet, and it occurred to me that I have really been sabotaging myself by the words I sometimes speak to and about myself -- but we'll talk about that another day.

In the "Prioritize, Organize...", they say we often make commitments to ourselves (sometimes called New Year's Resolutions) -- ("I'm gonna get more organized"... "I'm gonna send out a Ramblings (TM) more often"... "I'm gonna clean out that cabinet and sell that old stuff I'm not using on E-bay"... "I'm going to exercise more...." -- you can come up with your own list of "gonnas".

THEN... something happens --we get side tracked, distracted, tired, misdirected, overwhelmed -- and pretty soon we're not doing what we said we would! We had the best intentions when we started, but something tends to get in the way and we lose track. The book says, yes, we were committed to doing those things we set out to do, but... were we COMMITTED TO OUR COMMITMENT ? Isn't that something to think about ? I'd never heard it put that way.

We have to be committed to our commitment so we don't let other things get in the way; and if other things DO get in the way, being committed to our commitment means that we handle those issues, then pick up where we left off. So, I decided that's what I would do. And, what's the best way to be committed to your commitment? TELL SOMEBODY! GO PUBLIC so you'll be accountable, and so your supporters can get behind you and help you keep your word to yourself. "Prioritize..." also states that much of the stress we feel comes from not keeping agreements we've made with OURSELVES! and I wholeheartedly agree with that.

SO... let me tell you what I'm committing to -- and hence what you can expect from me -- in 2006:

  1. Ramblings, minimally, the first of EVERY month -- not just when I get "around to it." And if I decide to be "really" good, I might even tell you the topic of upcoming issues!
  2. I haven't put a date on this yet, but I am also committed to producing an audio version of Ramblings every month, because some of you prefer to hear, rather than read.
    Those of you who have talked to me can pretty much plug my voice into these writings, but for those who haven't ... I have to tell you that if you could hear Ramblings the way I'm saying them in my head when I write them, you'd get a much bigger kick of out them. Plus, if I put Ramblings on CD, I can ride to work with you and give you a boost to help start your day, or talk to you on the way home and help you put your day into perspective, in case things didn't go as perfectly as you designed it that day..., or keep you company around the house if you don't feel like watching.. uh...what's that thing called again.. oh yeah -- Television.
  3. I am committed to putting the early issues of Ramblings on MP3 and/or CD, for your listening pleasure.
  4. I am committed to bringing you articles from other friends and associates!
That's enough for now; until I finish the chapter in this book entitled, "Overcoming Overcommitment".

So, that's what you can expect from Kelvin in 2006, and in the process, I also plan to increase Ramblings' readership to 1000 subscribers! or more. Number 100 was a wonderful young lady in ROME ITALY -- and I just love having international appeal! :-)

I've got the fix for 2006 -- Gettin' committed to my commitments !

How about you? Are you committed to your commitments for 2006? Have you written them down? Have you shared them with someone who's interested in your success? If not, check out htt p://www.ringold.net/04_the_goals.html. As a matter of fact, if you're new to Ramblings, you can check out all the past issues at http: //www.ringold.net/past_issues.html.

As usual, thank you for e-listening, & I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback, via email or as posts at Ramblings, TheBlog.

And, if you think this message was worth reading, DON'T keep it to yourself! :-) By all means, please share it with your friends and other people you LIKE! Just use the "Forward email" link below to share it whoever you like.

Gotta go, now. I have to make sure I have everything packed that I need for Italy.

"I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it's only a choice of attitude." -- Judith M. Knowlton

Have an awesome day, my friends.


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