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Issue# 12 - Refuse to be average... January 17, 2005

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

Okay... It's done!

The gifts are given, the Christmas tree is down, the decorations are off the walls, the ball has dropped and... 2005 is on it's way kicking and screaming and 2004 is already a blur. So many things are sailing through my head, I wonder how I ever pick just one to write about. But I somehow manage to do it and things turn out okay :-)

I have a bigger stake in this issue than usual, because my readership is up to 96 -- a full 50% increase in one month -- due primarily to the recommendations from my friends & current readers who find value in my writing. So, this month, I'm e-speaking to my largest audience yet, and I only get one shot to impress -- or mystify -- the new readers and give you a reason to want to read the next issue. That was my deal. Give me one issue to prove my worth, or happily let you hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. So... let's not keep you waiting any longer :-) But first... a joke.

A young man came home from work to find that a large branch had fallen from a tree close to his house, and blocked the entrance in such a way that he could not open his front door. As luck would have it, the only key he had with fit the front door. The others were locked safely inside the house, and the windows were all locked tight. He pondered the situation a minute and -- having no tools of his own -- decided to borrow a chain saw from his neighbor up the road, and cut the tree up and away from his door. So, he drove to his neighbor's and knocked on the door. The neighbor answered and the young explained his dilemma and asked very politely to borrow the neighbor's saw. The neighbor looked at him squarely and explained, "I can't let you borrow my saw because there's no oranges on my tree." The young man looked a bit puzzled for a moment, scratched his head, then asked, "yes, sir... but what's that got to do with the saw?" To which the neighbor replied,"Nothin'.But, if I don't want to loan you my saw... one excuse is just as good as another..."

Last year was a pretty good year for me, comparatively speaking. I got a lot accomplished in several areas. But, despite my list of goals, there were a lot of things I *did not* get accomplished, because some days when there were things I needed to do... I just had no oranges on my tree! WHAT THE HECK did that have to do with anything? Nuttin' honey! But, if I'm looking for an excuse not to do something, one excuse is just as good as another. It doesn't need to be a good excuse; it just needs to be an excuse.

How about you? Did you miss any deadlines last year because there were no oranges on your tree? Did you not call that one scary client... because there were no oranges on your tree. How about that book you needed to read, or the exercise program you needed to start, or that paperwork you needed to file or the appointment you needed to make? No oranges? Thought so. For you who were with me last year and read my article on setting goals for 2004, did you make them? If you didn't make your list, was it because there were no oranges on your tree? Was there anything that any of you did not do last year... because there were no oranges on your tree? (not a good excuse; just an excuse)

Here's the good news, folks. Let's be honest, SOME DAYS...that's just how life's going to be, and once in a while.. that's usually okay. BUT! if you look back at 2004 and it looks like you were living in that tree waiting for your oranges to show up on the Good Ship Minute Maid -- and you're not pleased about it -- then maybe 2005 is gonna be your year! You ready? You still walkin' and talkin' you can make it happen!

It's a NEW year ! It's not,really, you know. That's just something we made up to psyche ourselves up and psychologically give ourselves a new beginning. And gosh, without it, who'd be making money on calendars? You'd buy one when your born, drag it home on that fork lift and it'd be good for 70 years! But the concept of "New Year" does give us a chance to mentally re-reference and renew ourselves.

Some good friends gave me a very nice calendar ; a very positive thing on achieving dreams. It has some beautiful, inspirational images, and a new saying for each day. For January 1 -- right after the pages on setting 10 goals for the year (and they hadn't even read my article) the passage for January 1st went something like this: "Let your heart soar as high as it will... Refuse to be average." And that was the absolute right way to start my year! "REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE " I like it! Assume a virtue? and it's yours !

How about you? Are YOU average? Do you WANT to be average? I don't think so!

The "average" person, wouldn't have given this newsletter a shot. The "average" person doesn't want to be motivated or be around motivated people. The "average" person doesn't want to set goals because they don't want to take a chance that they might not make them, so they don't want to try -- they just go along with the flow and complain about how life is treating them. The "average" person...won't stay subscribed to this newsletter because they might get "hit" by something it says... (okay, I admit...that was sneaky... :-)

REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE ! and the first step in not being average is to take the time to make some goals for yourself for 2005. How do you do that? Read my article on goals and it has a wondeful outline. Go to my past issues at http://www.ringold.net/past_issues.html and read it and do what it says. For that matter? EVERYBODY go back and read it and do what it says, and I want to see goals from 96 people in the next week, emailed to me right here at kelvin@ringold.net. Then, in our next issue... we'll be REALLY excited.

Are you up to the challenge? or are you gonna be... average? No. I think not. You are not average. So, read the article, and send me your goals, and next issue I'll share my 2005 goals with you. Then, at the end of 2005, we'll see what magic has happened.... if you stuck with us... (note; we're a team...) and you'll be impressed. I guarantee it.

We've closed the door on 2004,
. . . and
COME ALIVE in 2005!

Don't let me down! and when you send me your goals, let me know what other subjects you want covered, and I'll do my best.

As always, thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback (unless you're just feeling a need to be rude) and to you passing on the newsletter.

Have an AWESOME day.



"Great people are those who make others
feel that they, too, can become great.
(Mark Twain
RESOLUTION for 2005:
REFUSING to be Average

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