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  Issue# 05 - How's Your Goals? January 7, 2004  

Happy New Year!

So, how are you coming with your goals?  Did you make your list ?  Check it twice?  Put it somewhere where you can see it?  Did you send a copy of it to a friend?  I haven't received any, so I'm guessing that everyone has a special friend to give a copy to that will cheer you on, and you don't need me.  AWESOME!

Several people contacted me and told me what a great idea that was, and how exciting and invigorating it was to commit their goals to paper, and put them up where they could see them each day, to wink at them and urge them on.  Still other people . . . told me how intimidated they were in writing down their goals, because it would force them to see them each day and put them on the hook to do something about them.

I have to agree. . . with both.  It's like your first kiss.  You feel really exhilarated by it, but you're scared as heck about what comes next (smile) . . . and that's good.  That *feeling* you get is energy; it's adrenalin; it's FUEL that your mind is manufacturing to help you get to the goals you've written down. For you that haven't quite written them down yet. . . that's not fear!  That's anticipation; that's the power of "what if?"  When your mind saw the part about writing down your goals, you couldn't help it. . . For a second, your brain started without you. . .  It started conjuring up the description that you would write down on the list.  It already started to form the mental images of what you wanted, before your conscious mind said...."Nah. . . what if it won't help?"  "What if the goal is too big . . . "  "What if the goal is not big enough?"

Your goal, is your goal.  If you want it, it doesn't have to be *big*, but it might be big to you! Small things are often important, so don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to achieve something you want to, just because you don't think it's big enough. After all, if is wasn't that big a deal, you'd have it already.  Give it a shot . . . The results might surprise you.  And if it's a *big* goal . . . all the better.  Thinking about a big goal creates big energy.  "Hold on to dreams. . ." -- large or small.

I am no exception! and my mind talked to me, too.  But, you know what? I told you to write down your goals, and share them with a friend. I don't want you to think I just want to tell you that while I sit back here, so. . . since I assume that everyone who is a reader of my Ramblings is a friend who is interested in my success, I'm going to share MY list with *you*.  Yeah, I know that's kind of brassy, but you'll at least know I put my money where my mouth is (smile):

  1. Practice what I preach!  Startin' with this list.   Those who know me, know that in the past I've given great advice (according to me) but often didn't take my own. Well... THIS YEAR, I'm practicing what I preach.  We're all going to be on the same hook.

  2. Get Organized.  Again.  I have a motto:  "I can lose a piece of paper while it's in my hand!  It is incredible the creative ways I can find to LOOSE stuff that I need, so a major goal for my new year -- starting right now -- is to get organized.

  3. Do it Now!  Procrastination . . . the bane of my existence.   "I'll do it later. . ." I could finish it in 5 minutes now, but I'll put it off for 3 days, then lose my notes, spend 5 hours looking for them, and THEN do the 5 minute thing. Well. . . no more. Starting right now . . . no more procrastination.  If it needs to be done now, and it can be done quickly, then. . . NOW is when it gets done.

  4. Begin public speaking for my photography organization.  April 2004 -- I already have the date; a colleague of mine has been after me for months to do a presentation at his organization, so on April 14th, I'm due to launch that phase of my photographic career.

  5. Pay off my credit card debt. The American Way! Charge it, make little payments. . . owe forever; die broke.  Not THIS kid. Not any more. By December 31st 2004, I intend to have all my unsecured credit card debt paid off.  How? Well... first things first. Let's get it on the list; my mind will help with the details later.

  6. Develop two additional streams of income; residual type income that do not require my 24/7 hands on attention.  I haven't set the income goal for either or the aggregate just yet, but I can refine that later, once a stream is in place.

  7. Reconnect with some old friends. As goals go, this is a biggie.  A man is known -- they say -- by the company he keeps.  Over the years, I have met some awesome people, and developed some awesome friendships, and then let life stop us from staying in touch and connected.  This year, I will reconnect with some of those old friends.  Thomas C. and Ida Mae Vaughan, in particular, in Biloxi, Ms. Not sure how we're doing it yet, but we're committed to getting together somewhere, some time this year. . . to HUG. There are others . . . but they are a priority -- for reasons too numerous to mention here.

  8. Increase readership of this e-zine to 500 subscribers!  How's THAT for a lofty goal ?! Current readership is less than 50, but. . . it's on my list.  Later on, I'll give each of *you* an opportunity to help, but for now, just know it's a goal of mine.

  9. Revamp my personal web sites.  I have three web sites I'm personally responsible for: http://www.custom-photogenics.com for my photography business, http://www.ringold.net, and http://www.ppscny.net -- for my professional photographers organization. All 3 are in need of updating.  My drop dead date is March 15th to have all three revised and completed. That date may slip a little, but. . . that is it for now.

  10. Help five people become successful in reaching at least one of their major goals.  What can I say; I just like helping my friends be successful.  I have three people in mind presently:  (1) my good friend Mitch Mitchell of T.T. Mitchell Consulting (http://www.ttmitchellconsulting.com).  Mitch and I have been mutually challenging each other for a couple of years now.  One of these days, perhaps I'll tell you a little of his story, but . . . 2004 is our year :-); (2) my good friend Linda Hurteau -- whom I've never met in person! but she has a major goal to be reached by April 15th for her Antique Advertising business, and (3) an old friend of mine who must go unnamed in this piece, who has some goals she may not even be aware of anymore . . . but, I'm going to do my best to help her achieve at least one of them.

  11. One BONUS goal.  Don't Settle *for*. . . again  Like many of you, I have spent a major portion of my time on this planet accepting less than I've wanted in a variety of circumstances, often doing for others, to the exclusion of things that have been really important to *me*. That is all a part of life, but there comes a time when one needs to look out for one's OWN needs, rather than the needs of everyone and everyone else.  In 2004, it is my intention not to "settle for" something less than what I want or deserve.  This year, for some things, I'm going for the whole enchilada -- we'll think about "settling for" again sometime next year.

Well... there's MY ten goals.  They're right out here where I can see them, and I've shared a copy with you, my friends.

Get your goals down, ladies and gentlemen, and take the first step in making 2004 *your* year.

Expect something great . . .

Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from you. If you like what I had to say, consider passing it on to your friends, or just have them go the the web site and sign up for the newsletter.  Back issues will be viewable on the web site. . . a little later.

Until next time, have an AWESOME day!


"Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people
are unwilling to do." (author unknown)

1. Practicing what I preach.
2. Don't ever "settle for" . . . again.
3. We're gonna roar, in 2004 :-)

Kelvin ( http://www.ringold.net )