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Let The Ramblings begin !

Here it is... the REAL first edition.  The overwhelming suggestion, was to stick with my original idea for the first one -- which is..."What I've Learned."  So, I'm going to try and do just that.

Things I've learned.
I have a lot of "sayings" or philosophies -- some of my own making (I think) and some I've just adopted.  For instance. . ."Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and irritates the pig."  Now, I have NO idea where I got that, or when, but it clicked with me instantly... and I've never been able to forget it.  There are SO many circumstances where it applies, but. . .we'll talk about that one another time.

One of my philosphies is... "It's my fault."  As a matter of fact, in 90% of the cases, if things are not going quite right for me, I automatically know that "it's my fault."

Now, a lot of you are saying... "he's nuts.  In MY life, I do all I can, and do the best I can, and dog-gone-it when the thing goes wrong.... it's not my fault."  And what I want to say to you is. . . it *is* your fault, and the sooner you start to accept it, the sooner things can begin to change in your life -- assuming change is what you want, of course.  Now, before you stop reading this, here's why I say that.

WE are Americans; and as Americans, we have been taught -- socially conditioned -- that pretty much nothing is our fault.  It's the neighbor's fault, or the boyfriend's fault, the teacher's fault, the preacher's fault, the barber, grocer, mailman, boss and the biggest of all... the GOVERNMENT's fault. And FEW of us actually take responsibility for anything.  If's not our responsibility, it's not our fault, so the infamous other guy is the one who has to fix my *whatever* problem, and if he doesn't fix it then. . . shame on him.  We remain blameless, and we remain the VICTIM, and the victim is helpless. The victim mentality is responsible for killing a lot of success.

I decided to dis-enroll from THAT program.  Folks, it's ALL my fault. I'M RESPONSIBLE -- 100%. BECAUSE, when I take responsibility for it, then I realize that something I did -- some decision I made -- probably put me there ( 80% of our problems we cause ourselves) -- and if my decision can put me there, then another one of my decisions can take me out of it.  So, then the ball is back in my court, and I'm no longer a victim.

Is it truly your fault?  Probably not; but it doesn't truly matter.  It if affects *you*, take responsibility for it anyway, as if it was your fault.  We often make decisions, that end up not doing for us what we had visualized, but the fact is... that we made the decision!  In nearly every aspect of life, if we had made a different decision, we would have gotten a different result  So, if you don't like what's going on in your life, chances are it is a result of a decision you made, and as long as you're still breathing and moving on your own power, you have the opportunity to make another decision.  

So, what I've learned is that it's my fault. And, as soon as I decided that, I was able to take responsibility and do something about it -- whatever is was.  What's going on in your life that you *need* to be your fault so you can take care of it?

Think about it. The answers may surprise you.  And if you decide you want to discuss it. . . drop me an email -- I'll be happy to banter back and forth with you.

Drop by the web site, if you get a minute.  I updated a couple of areas last week.  If you're remotely concerned about your weight, then you might take a look at Weight Loss: The Other White Meat.  And I updated my section Money Stuff.  *I* think it's good reading but...well... I'm biased :-)

Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from you. If you like what I had to say, consider passing it on to your friends, or just have them go the the web site and sign up for the newsletter.  As I produce them, each edition will be added to the sign up list, so. . . new folks won't miss any as I continue.

Until next time, have an AWESOME day!


"Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people
are unwilling to do." (author unknown)

1. This is the year I take (back) control of my life.
2. This is the year, I do all those things I've been talking about. Watch me!
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